Student voices

November 2011


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Three students at Murrays Bay Intermediate School on Auckland’s North Shore share their experience of technology in the classroom.


Lucy Hughes, year 8

Technology is becoming a huge part of today’s society and the human race depends on it, so Murrays Bay Intermediate School and many other schools have incorporated it into our learning.

At Murrays Bay Intermediate, there is a variety of technology used to amplify our learning. For example, there are approximately 13 computers in each classroom as well as an ICT suite. The school has 10 iPads and 40 iPods that can be booked for classes. Each class has a smartboard. Students are allowed to bring their own technological devices such as iPhones and laptops to school to use in class.

Our teachers blend the use of technology in with our subjects. In English we use computers to publish our writing; in math we use Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets and the internet for Mathletics and other math websites. Our teachers create workshops on PowerPoint then project them onto the smartboard. Technology in the classroom is a very useful thing.

How does technology help? Firstly, using interactive technology in the classroom, such as smartboards and iPads, plays on multiple intelligences. Many people learn better with touching and feeling (i.e. bodily kinesthetic) and some with music. It is found that children often work better with music in the background, especially slow music, because the heartbeat slows to match the pace.  Also, if a child works alone on an iPad while a group of children concentrate on a workshop projected on the smartboard, it gives the teacher time to work one-on-one with some of the other students.

Finally, technology is more ‘green’ and eco-friendly than paper worksheets and books. A variety of technology is used in almost every school subject. The result of it being incorporated into our learning has more pros than cons. Technology in the classroom is a good thing.


Adele Zhao, year 8

Technology is being developed to help everyone, so there’s a lot of technology out there that a student can use. There’s a lot of technology provided at school, so I usually just use that. The technology includes things like iPads, iPods, a smartboard and several computers in each class. I find the iPads and iPods useful during maths, and the smartboard and computers are good for pretty much any subject, but really, the technology can be used to do anything.

There’s also WiFi in certain areas, so that means that we can bring our own technology to school and continue on with it at home without having to email it or put it on the internet. I find that by using technology to help with learning, everything becomes interesting, as it makes the subjects interactive and more suited to the students’ way of learning.


Soo-Myoung Jang, year 8

I use technology in a variety of ways to help me learn, such as computers, ipods and smartboards. These technologies keep me interested in my subjects, and make me want to learn more things as a result. I use these technologies in nearly all my subjects, except for physical education of course. This has improved my grades by a considerable amount, as I am open to a larger range of resources, like the internet, for example. Overall, the use of technology has been extremely beneficial for my learning and my grades.