Education Council drives review of teacher standards



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How teachers practice and conduct themselves is under review. The Education Council is, today, launching Our Code, Our Standards to ask teachers about their expectations of ethical behaviour and standards of professional practice for the teaching profession.
043 Dr Graham Stoop 043 April 2013Education Council chief executive, Dr Graham Stoop (pictured), says Our Code, Our Standards is a draft document that proposes reappraised expectations of ethical behaviour and standards for teachers to be competent and effective.
"There are around 101,000 practising teachers in New Zealand. We all know a teacher. Our profession holds a unique position of trust in society. We must perform at the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Society expects this of us and we must too.
"This draft document is a critically important piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is the creation of a highly professional and skilled teaching workforce - one that is fit for the complex and dynamic world of teaching in the 21st century.
"We’re encouraging schools to work with parents and get their view on the draft Code because we all have a role to play in making sure our children and young people thrive and achieve in learning."
Dr Stoop says this is the first time the professional ethics have been reviewed in 15 years.
The closing date for submissions is 5pm, Friday April 27. A new Code of Professional Responsibility and new Standards for the Teaching Profession will be in place by July this year.

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