Students leading sustainable living efforts



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Our planet's future depends on us finding sustainable ways to live.

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With a bit of help from the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund, Trident High School is supporting its tech students to find real-world solutions that will be good for their local environment.

Instead of focusing on traditional workshop skills, Year 13 students are learning about sustainability and renewable energy.

Each student selects, investigates, reconditions, designs, models, tests and installs at least four functioning renewable energy technologies within the Trident High School campus. These are real full-scale systems that will remain operational educational resources at the school in the future.

The school applied for a grant to help pay for equipment from the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund.

Learn more about this innovative learning initiative from Trident High School’s video or find out if your school could get help from the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund


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