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April 2016

May 2014

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    Authentic learning trumps fear tactics

    Innovative secondary teachers are using road safety as an authentic context for young people to apply curriculum learning, writes MARY CHAMBERLAIN

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    A lesson in sneezing (safely)

    This May will mark the tenth year of Kleenex Tissues SneezeSafe, a lesson in flu-hygiene for primary and intermediate school kids throughout New Zealand. Using glitter, bubbles, and water spray, children learn how far and fast untrapped sneeze droplets travel through the air for others to breathe.

March 2014

December 2013

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    ED's Letter

    Since news of the Roast Busters scandal broke, there have been new threads emerging on an almost daily basis. Anguish and criticism has spilled over onto the police, radio talkshow hosts, and schools. But people’s disgust is generally directed at the handful of deplorable young men at the heart of this story.

February 2012