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August 2017

  • Sister schools

    Sister schools: why are they are important?

    This year 10 Kiwi schools received funding to strengthen their China sister school relationships. Education Review looks at how these relationships were formed, how they have been nurtured, and the value they bring to the schools and their wider communities.

  • Little diplomats

    Little diplomats in action

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Oropi School principal Andrew King about the Little Diplomats programme, which has helped its students to build their intercultural competencies and the school to build its relationship with its sister school in China.

  • Asia ready

    Are our school leavers Asia-ready?

    A new report from the Asia New Zealand Foundation reveals that fewer school leavers think Asia-related skills and knowledge are important – a trend that experts describe as “alarming”.

  • International competencies

    Should we assess students’ international competencies?

    Growing good global citizens is becoming an increasingly important focus for schools. But how do schools know if they’re hitting the mark? JUDE BARBACK looks at the many ways in which schools are encouraging their students to be internationally capable and the scope for measuring this. 

  • Building bridges

    Building bridges and opening doors

    CHRIS HENDERSON believes global competencies are the foundations for our future.

April 2017

October 2015

July 2013

  • 145240047.jpg

    Taking Kiwi culture to the world

    Education Review talks to Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard and  Scott Wilson, two New Zealand Fulbright Scholars currently in the United States teaching about their cultural passions of Maori art and New Zealand cinema respectively.

September 2012

December 2011

  • From Southland to Santa Rosa

    KEITH FERGUSON talks to Education Review about his South American adventure.

  • Next on the agenda for ESOL

    MARTY PILOTT outlines the tentative plans for the allocation of the delivery of ESOL to the 700 new places announced in the 2011 budget.

  • Turning Japanese

    Education Review asks Japanese teacher DEBRA ATKIN about her experience in Japan.

  • Behind the Blogs

    GUY MANCE kept two blogs to share the personal and educational realms of his experience teaching abroad in Belgium. Education Review meets the man behind the blogs, and his family.

March 2010

  • teen girl classroom

    The seeds of success

    Education Review looks at a new study that focuses on the characteristics of successful Māori secondary school students

March 2011

  • Looking for leaders

    UNASA ENOSA AUVA’A says our diverse student population needs to be reflected at leadership level.