Social Sciences


August 2017

  • International competencies

    Should we assess students’ international competencies?

    Growing good global citizens is becoming an increasingly important focus for schools. But how do schools know if they’re hitting the mark? JUDE BARBACK looks at the many ways in which schools are encouraging their students to be internationally capable and the scope for measuring this. 

May 2014

March 2014

  • Aidan-OMalleys-class-first-class-he-tried-flipped-learning-with.jpg

    Flipped learning in Kiwi classrooms

    With internet access nearly within every student’s grasp, the focus shifts from getting a device in every student’s hands, to what to do with it once it’s there. Flipped learning is one option that is proving popular throughout the world. Education Review examines the flipped classroom.

September 2013

  • Primary-years.jpg

    The Primary Years – NZC, Cambridge or IB?

    While the vast majority of New Zealand primary schools follow The New Zealand Curriculum, a small number favour the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme or the Cambridge International Primary Programme. Here, proponents of each system discuss the relative merits and weaknesses.

December 2011

  • Preparing global citizens

    New Zealand schools can learn from the success of Hutt International Boys’ School’s internationalisation programme. Education Review talks to DEAN RABBITT.