• Microsoft staff demonstrating robotic hand lesson at Bett Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

    Educating the Fidgetal Generation

    *JUDE BARBACK gets a glimpse at what the classroom of the future will look like at global education technology summit Bett Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.*

  • laptop

    2000 schools connect to Managed Network

    This week N4L (Network for Learning) will connect the 2000th school to its Managed Network.

  • laptop

    N4L finalists for two Hi-Tech Awards

    N4L (Network for Learning) has been named a finalist for two categories in New Zealand’s Hi-Tech Awards. The Managed Network is a finalist for Best Public Sector Technology Solution and Pond, N4L’s digital hub for teachers, is a finalist for Innovative Initiative.

  • News phone

    N4L partners with NZQA

    N4L (Network for Learning) has announced a new partnership with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). The two organisations will work together to enable teachers to manage their moderation requirements within Pond, the digital learning hub designed for teachers.

  • Thesis-perfection.jpg

    Uproar over National Library's changes to school services

    Achieving.jpg The National Library’s intention to phase out its provision of print non-fiction books in favour of digital resources has dismayed many in the education sector and the wider public.

  • tablet desk

    N4L connects 1000th school to Managed Network

    Over 1000 schools have now been connected to Network4Learning’s Managed Network, which means more than 40 per cent of New Zealand schools are now using N4L’s services, which include fast and reliable internet connectivity, uncapped data, web filtering and network security.

  • computers adults

    More schools dive into the Pond

    *Network for Learning (N4L) has revealed some new features to its digital learning hub, Pond, today at the annual ULearn conference in Rotorua.*

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  • Silicon valley

    Connecting with Silicon Valley: masterclass for ICT Grad School students

    The first cohort of master’s students at Auckland ICT Graduate School had their eyes opened to all sorts of possibilities when they were treated to a masterclass from a Silicon Valley tech guru.

  • Gill dobbie

    Auckland ICT Grad School one year on

    As Auckland ICT Grad School approaches its first birthday, the school’s director PROFESSOR GILLIAN DOBBIE talks to Education Review about getting the new school off the ground and how it is well placed to help meet the needs of a rapidly growing IT sector.

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  • Learning management system

    8 tips for selecting a Learning Management System

    Education Review trawls through all the advice to find the top tips for selecting a learning management system for your school or tertiary institution.

  • Dr Kevin Morris

    See ya CECIL Kia ora Canvas

    Dr Kevin Morris JUDE BARBACK talks to Dr Kevin Morris about the University of Auckland’s transition to a new cloud-based learning management system.

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  • womanlaptop

    Nano Degrees: friend or foe of the traditional degree?

    An online course model that is hyped as being focused, affordable, succinct and accessible is touted as the next big alternative to conventional tertiary qualifications. However, JUDE BARBACK suggests the NanoDegree could co-exist with the traditional degree instead.

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December 2013

  • Acronyms.jpg

    Acronyms of opportunity

    UFB, BYOD, N4L, SNUP – techy acronyms are littering the education world, but each brings exciting new elements of change and innovation to teaching and learning in New Zealand schools.

November 2013

  • Jude-pic.jpg

    Ed's letter

    What’s a school to do?


    Modern Learning Environments and learning technologies

    CLAIRE AMOS questions whether ‘modern’ changes to the traditional classroom will really help improve students’ learning and outcomes.

  • 152508620.jpg

    Making learning stories come alive with technology

    Early childhood settings are embracing new software to share children’s portfolios with their families, but JUDE BARBACK asks whether people will mourn the inevitable loss of the printed learning journeys or embrace technological change?

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    Education Everywhere? More on MOOCs

    In our last issue, Dennis Viehland shared some compelling thoughts on the effect massive open online course (MOOCs) could have on the delivery of tertiary education. Here, student GERARD DUNNE gives an insightful perspective on what it is like to be one of thousands learning from the same course.

  • 183396896.jpg

    Crying out for Chromebooks?

    With schools well-versed in the tablet vs netbook debate, Google have thrown another option into the mix. Touted as cheap, fast and functional, could Google Chromebooks be just what schools are looking for?

  • 160910389.jpg

    The Network is nigh

    JUDE BARBACK looks at why schools are in a rush to register their interest for the Network 4 Learning and what’s happening behind the scenes.

  • 164469574.jpg

    Privacy in the cloud

    ‘Cloud’ computing is rapidly becoming more than just another buzzword in our digital lives. The expected paradigm shift has implications for schools that are not yet fully understood, and with data integrity on everyone’s mind these days, Education Review, looks at exactly where the buck stops.

  • 178434941.jpg

    There’s no iPad in team or is there?

    Tablet devices are excellent for individual independent learning, but do they promote collaboration in the classroom? JUDE BARBACK finds out.

September 2013

  • map-ipad.jpg

    Welcome to the Worldwide Classroom

    DENNIS VIEHLAND discusses the possible threats and opportunities MOOCs pose for the traditional tertiary institution.

  • Aitana-Forcen-Vazquez.jpg

    “Yes, I want to be an academic social media superstar!”

    Thesis Whisperer, Dr Inger Mewburn recently visited Victoria University of Wellington to discuss the merits of incorporating social media into academic research. Education Review invited two research students to share their reflections on the workshop.

  • Better-business-case.jpg

    The case for better business case infrastructure

    TONY STREET discusses why it is important for education providers to have the right capex (capital expenditure) systems in place.

  • Learning-about-E-learning.jpg

    Learning about e-Learning

    JUDE BARBACK looks at an increasing number of education courses in e-learning that are aimed to help inform teachers how to use emerging technologies to deliver a “future-focused education” for their learners.

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  • From a distance

    NZEI Study Award recipient BARBARA NELSON is completing a postgraduate diploma in educational administration and leadership via distance study. Education Review talks to the Massey student about the benefits and boundaries of distance learning.

March 2011

  • Tech tools and the new teacher

    Many teachers face students who seem to have better digital skills than they do, especially when it comes to the internet. Empowering students through ICT is a challenge.

  • Losing digital control

    Many teachers face students who seem to have better digital skills than they do, especially when it comes to the internet. Empowering students through ICT is a challenge.