September 2017

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June 2016

  • The lure of the UK

    The lure of the UK

    ROSIE BUCHANAN of Smart Teachers recounts what Kiwi teachers in the UK have to say about their experiences teaching abroad.

  • Wanted NZ teachers

    Wanted: New Zealand teachers

    Their adaptability and calibre of training means that Kiwi teachers are highly sought after by international English-medium independent schools around the world.

April 2016

  • Bruce Ashton

    Kiwi teachers take on the world

    Teaching overseas provides a unique opportunity to work with different curricula, experience new ways of learning and develop a real sense of international mindedness. Reaping the benefits of such an opportunity are three Kiwi teachers at very different stages in their careers. Seasoned head teacher Bruce Ashton and young teaching couple Ronald Saw and Ursula Inta talk about their experiences working overseas.

February 2016

  • Parent child reading

    Building bridges between home and school: empowering parents and improving reading

    Fulbright Scholar and Northcote College teacher DAVID TAYLOR’s research in New Zealand and the United States found that initiatives to encourage better parental involvement in students’ reading not only resulted in improved reading habits, but also had significant additional benefits.

  • Jason McKearney Andre Jay

    Home and away

    New Zealand teacher friends JASON McKEARNEY and ANDR’E JAY taught together at an international school in Doha, Qatar. One returned to teach in New Zealand, the other remains in Doha. Education Review talks to both about their experiences teaching abroad.

  • ESL teachers icon

    ESL teaching in China: what to expect

    Certified and non-certified ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers alike are lining up for teaching positions in China. ROB HARRIS explains why, and adds a salutary note of caution about expectations when they get there.

  • Lauren Zappone Maples

    The Great Outdoors

    The physical environment plays an important role in children’s education and in shaping their development. Here, US teacher and Fulbright scholar LAUREN ZAPPONE MAPLES congratulates New Zealand for providing students with well-supported outdoor education opportunities.

October 2015

May 2014

July 2013

  • Jude-pic.jpg

    ED's Letter

    ‘Kids are kids the world over’

  • 153047349.jpg

    Skype in the classroom connecting students to the world

    *The Kiwi teacher: Felicity Davis, Blockhouse Bay School, Auckland*

  • 145240047.jpg

    Taking Kiwi culture to the world

    Education Review talks to Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard and  Scott Wilson, two New Zealand Fulbright Scholars currently in the United States teaching about their cultural passions of Maori art and New Zealand cinema respectively.

  • Home-tweet-home.jpg

    Home, Tweet Home

    JUDE BARBACK looks at the different ways New Zealand teachers abroad are staying in touch with other Kiwi teachers and what’s happening with education back home.

  • Big-wide-world.jpg

    The big wide world – but at what cost?

    Concerns over health and safety, increasing inequality between and within schools, financial pressure on parents, and difficulty with fundraising all create hurdles for the overseas school trip. However, many schools believe these obstacles should not stand in the way of offering their students the chance to experience the world.

December 2012

  • Paving the way for future growth

    The New Zealand International Education Conference 2012 provided the perfect opportunity to take stock of what has been accomplished and what lies ahead for New Zealand’s $2.7 billion dollar international education industry.

September 2012

  • An international education

    JUDE BARBACK looks at some of the pros and cons of international schools.

  • Kiwi teachers abroad tell it like it is

    JUDE BARBACK asks New Zealand teachers overseas the important questions about recruitment, money, family, culture, and teaching. Recruitment agent, Lauranne Croot, also shares her views.

June 2010

  • Teach International

    This hugely successful title is an unparalleled source of the most recent global education leads, contributions and guidance to inform educators about their directions for 2011!

  • Vital links in competing for students

    MICHELLE WAITZMAN of Education New Zealand discusses the importance of strong relationships with international education agents

  • Humbled by patience

    Tanzania-based ICT training adviser INNES RITCHIE is finding good teaching and learning can still take place even when conditions are less than ideal

  • Students link long distance

    An international teaching and learning conference provided the opportunity for a Wairarapa and a Singapore school to collaborate using multimedia technology

  • Private providers need to step up

    GEOFF VAUSE notes some of the initiatives coming from government, and underlines the need for the whole export education sector to build on the achievements

  • Kerr solution for Australian students

    Black hole scientist inspires students to aim for the stars

  • Export education ready to graduate

    ROB STEVENS writes on the strides New Zealand has made in welcoming international students

March 2010