Exchange Programmes


August 2017

  • Sister schools

    Sister schools: why are they are important?

    This year 10 Kiwi schools received funding to strengthen their China sister school relationships. Education Review looks at how these relationships were formed, how they have been nurtured, and the value they bring to the schools and their wider communities.

  • Little diplomats

    Little diplomats in action

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Oropi School principal Andrew King about the Little Diplomats programme, which has helped its students to build their intercultural competencies and the school to build its relationship with its sister school in China.

  • Eyeing up china

    Eyeing up China (from outside Auckland)

    JUDE BARBACK looks at how schools outside Auckland have a point of difference when it comes to attracting Chinese students.

  • Global citizenship

    How international students can enhance a school’s global citizenship

    Murrays Bay Intermediate in Auckland is a good example of a school that actively demonstrates global citizenship, with its international student programme playing an important role in this.

  • Building bridges

    Building bridges and opening doors

    CHRIS HENDERSON believes global competencies are the foundations for our future.

October 2014

  • Models

    A pattern for success

    Fifteen fashion students prepare to depart for India to take part in a unique international fashion education project.

May 2014

  • cameal.jpg

    The situation in Saudi: export education in the face of poor human rights

    Why is Education New Zealand continuing to focus on Saudi Arabia despite the country’s poor human rights track record? Reader concerns prompt JUDE BARBACK to investigate.

  • penguin.jpg

    Penguins Without Borders

    Education Review looks at the successful education partnership struck between New Zealand and Chile. But will it continue, with fierce competition from other countries?

  • group-image-at-village.jpg

    Altruism & adventure: a recipe for student success

    Secondary school teacher SARAH WAKEFORD recently completed her Master’s thesis on the motivations, experiences, and effects of student trips with a focus on volunteer tourism. Here, she discusses the findings of her research and how such trips can help engage with the ‘front end’ of The New Zealand Curriculum as well as offer ‘life changing’ experiences for those involved.

March 2014

  • Stephen-Grimwood.JPG

    Second language immersion

    French teacher STEPHEN GRIMWOOD shares the “excitement, learning, confusion, and chaos” of his five-week Language Immersion Award in Provence.

  • UK-relief-teacher-451986861.jpg

    A day in the life of a UK relief teacher

    With work proving difficult to come by in New Zealand, CHRISTIAN BRIENESSE, a history and English teacher from Dunedin, sought teaching and travelling opportunities in the UK.

July 2013

  • Itchy-feet.jpg

    Itchy feet?

    Considering swapping your Kiwi classroom for pastures new? Education Review looks at your options.

  • class2.JPG

    From Wellington to Waxhaw: one Kiwi’s American dream

    Education Review chats to former Wellington teacher, Ula Lologa, about the differences and similarities teaching at an elementary school in North Carolina.

  • 145240047.jpg

    Taking Kiwi culture to the world

    Education Review talks to Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard and  Scott Wilson, two New Zealand Fulbright Scholars currently in the United States teaching about their cultural passions of Maori art and New Zealand cinema respectively.

  • hands up classroom

    What Tanzania taught the Kiwi teacher

    HOLLY PAYNE reflects on her time teaching in Tanzania and questions whether her Kiwi teaching methods were appropriate in a vastly different culture.

  • Big-wide-world.jpg

    The big wide world – but at what cost?

    Concerns over health and safety, increasing inequality between and within schools, financial pressure on parents, and difficulty with fundraising all create hurdles for the overseas school trip. However, many schools believe these obstacles should not stand in the way of offering their students the chance to experience the world.

September 2012

February 2012

  • Ms Math

    Fulbright scholar, Ngaire Addis, returned home to find she was the recipient of a prestigious national mathematics teaching award.

December 2011

  • Transportability of NCEA overseas

    How do NCEA qualifications stack up in other countries? ANGELA PEREZ of NZQA reports.

  • From Southland to Santa Rosa

    KEITH FERGUSON talks to Education Review about his South American adventure.

  • A world away from Wellington

    MIKE STEWART reflects on his experiences as a teacher trainer in Papua New Guinea.

  • Turning Japanese

    Education Review asks Japanese teacher DEBRA ATKIN about her experience in Japan.

  • Numbers game

    Two Fulbright Scholars are about to depart for the US to further their research into mathematics teaching.

  • Behind the Blogs

    GUY MANCE kept two blogs to share the personal and educational realms of his experience teaching abroad in Belgium. Education Review meets the man behind the blogs, and his family.

  • Teach International

    An international teaching issue

June 2010

  • Teach International

    This hugely successful title is an unparalleled source of the most recent global education leads, contributions and guidance to inform educators about their directions for 2011!

  • Volcanoes and law take students offshore

    Benefactor expects postgrad students to bring it all back homeWilliam Georgetti wanted the “best brains available” to benefit from the trust established after his death in 1943.

  • Humbled by patience

    Tanzania-based ICT training adviser INNES RITCHIE is finding good teaching and learning can still take place even when conditions are less than ideal

  • Kiwi politics under US scrutiny

    Students in North America find New Zealand politics fascinating, according to Victoria University’s Dr Jon Johansson.

  • Parlez-vous magnetohydrodynamics?

    KIRK SPRAGG plots his leap-frogging journey from Ngaruawahia to a French lab and back home again to research geology software

  • Export education ready to graduate

    ROB STEVENS writes on the strides New Zealand has made in welcoming international students

March 2011

  • Looking for leaders

    UNASA ENOSA AUVA’A says our diverse student population needs to be reflected at leadership level.