Overseas Teaching


August 2017

October 2016

June 2016

  • The lure of the UK

    The lure of the UK

    ROSIE BUCHANAN of Smart Teachers recounts what Kiwi teachers in the UK have to say about their experiences teaching abroad.

  • Wanted NZ teachers

    Wanted: New Zealand teachers

    Their adaptability and calibre of training means that Kiwi teachers are highly sought after by international English-medium independent schools around the world.

April 2016

  • Bruce Ashton

    Kiwi teachers take on the world

    Teaching overseas provides a unique opportunity to work with different curricula, experience new ways of learning and develop a real sense of international mindedness. Reaping the benefits of such an opportunity are three Kiwi teachers at very different stages in their careers. Seasoned head teacher Bruce Ashton and young teaching couple Ronald Saw and Ursula Inta talk about their experiences working overseas.

February 2016

  • Jason McKearney Andre Jay

    Home and away

    New Zealand teacher friends JASON McKEARNEY and ANDR’E JAY taught together at an international school in Doha, Qatar. One returned to teach in New Zealand, the other remains in Doha. Education Review talks to both about their experiences teaching abroad.

  • ESL teachers icon

    ESL teaching in China: what to expect

    Certified and non-certified ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers alike are lining up for teaching positions in China. ROB HARRIS explains why, and adds a salutary note of caution about expectations when they get there.

May 2014

  • cameal.jpg

    The situation in Saudi: export education in the face of poor human rights

    Why is Education New Zealand continuing to focus on Saudi Arabia despite the country’s poor human rights track record? Reader concerns prompt JUDE BARBACK to investigate.

  • group-image-at-village.jpg

    Altruism & adventure: a recipe for student success

    Secondary school teacher SARAH WAKEFORD recently completed her Master’s thesis on the motivations, experiences, and effects of student trips with a focus on volunteer tourism. Here, she discusses the findings of her research and how such trips can help engage with the ‘front end’ of The New Zealand Curriculum as well as offer ‘life changing’ experiences for those involved.

March 2014

  • Stephen-Grimwood.JPG

    Second language immersion

    French teacher STEPHEN GRIMWOOD shares the “excitement, learning, confusion, and chaos” of his five-week Language Immersion Award in Provence.

  • UK-relief-teacher-451986861.jpg

    A day in the life of a UK relief teacher

    With work proving difficult to come by in New Zealand, CHRISTIAN BRIENESSE, a history and English teacher from Dunedin, sought teaching and travelling opportunities in the UK.

November 2013

July 2013

  • Itchy-feet.jpg

    Itchy feet?

    Considering swapping your Kiwi classroom for pastures new? Education Review looks at your options.

  • 166417084.jpg

    Politics, the world and teacher education

    Are the international and political contexts of education being adequately addressed in New Zealand teacher education programmes? JUDE BARBACK looks at what measures several schools of education are taking to ensure an outward-facing approach.

  • 160558796.jpg

    Ghanaian experience: Getting out of the Kiwi comfort zone

    TRACY OLORENSHAW left a fantastic job in New Zealand to embark upon her African adventure with her husband Olly, opening their eyes to a world of differences but also to the fact that kids are kids wherever you go.

  • 164494630.jpg

    Agency Answers

    Education Review asks two global teacher recruitment agencies the big questions.

  • class2.JPG

    From Wellington to Waxhaw: one Kiwi’s American dream

    Education Review chats to former Wellington teacher, Ula Lologa, about the differences and similarities teaching at an elementary school in North Carolina.

  • 145240047.jpg

    Taking Kiwi culture to the world

    Education Review talks to Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard and  Scott Wilson, two New Zealand Fulbright Scholars currently in the United States teaching about their cultural passions of Maori art and New Zealand cinema respectively.

  • 139917642.jpg

    Leaping the red tape to London

    Passports held hostage, visa hold-ups, trouble with teacher registration and police checks ... forget the horror stories of gaining entry and employment into the UK – recent law changes, helpful agencies and a good attitude will see you in a London classroom before too long. JUDE BARBACK reports.

  • Home-tweet-home.jpg

    Home, Tweet Home

    JUDE BARBACK looks at the different ways New Zealand teachers abroad are staying in touch with other Kiwi teachers and what’s happening with education back home.

  • hands up classroom

    What Tanzania taught the Kiwi teacher

    HOLLY PAYNE reflects on her time teaching in Tanzania and questions whether her Kiwi teaching methods were appropriate in a vastly different culture.

December 2012

  • The Teacher Brain Drain

    Current oversupply of teachers is forcing new teacher graduates to consider looking for jobs overseas, but is teaching abroad all it’s cracked up to be?

September 2012

  • Teach International

    Who dares to teach...

  • Volunteer teachers: qualified vs unqualified

    Qualified volunteer teachers are certainly preferred but many developing countries do not appear to have a choice.

  • Egyptian encounter

    New Plymouth teacher, TAMARA THORPE, is currently teaching in Egypt, and is one of over 250,000 English-speaking teachers currently working in international schools around the world.

  • Taking the international school path

    New Zealander, Justin Hardman, attended Hong Kong International School and now works there. He reflects on the international school system.

  • Global reach of tertiary schools of education

    Education Review looks at the different ways schools of education at various tertiary institutions are utilising their links with educators and institutions from other countries.

  • Kiwi teachers abroad tell it like it is

    JUDE BARBACK asks New Zealand teachers overseas the important questions about recruitment, money, family, culture, and teaching. Recruitment agent, Lauranne Croot, also shares her views.

  • Margaret and Margaret: Two teachers from different worlds

    Kiwi teacher Maggie Twaddle’s chance meeting with an aspiring young teacher in Tanzania reveals a world of difference in our education systems and opportunities. Twaddle’s husband, RICK McKINLEY, shares their story.

  • Making a difference in the Solomons

    The welcoming Solomon Islands lifestyle and the enthusiasm of the local teachers keeps school leadership adviser LAURIE WILLIAMS motivated.

  • Bonjour Kiwi Teachers!

    Two New Zealand teachers and recipients of Language Immersion Awards share their different experiences in Montpellier, France.

  • A month in Argentina? Si, por favor!

    MARTIN WEREN of Hillcrest High School shares his Argentinian experience.

  • From Dannevirke to dangerous minds

    Education Review talks to Kiwi teacher CAMERON ANDREW about combining teaching with travel and his eye-opening experiences teaching difficult kids in London.

  • From Nelson to Nepal

    Last year Education Review talked to Nelson early childhood teacher SERINA ESPOSITO prior to her volunteer adventure in Nepal. Here, we find out about how she got on.

February 2012

  • The many faces of teaching

    Education Review peeks through the doors of New Zealand classrooms to discover the many different pathways to becoming a teacher.

December 2011

  • A world away from Wellington

    MIKE STEWART reflects on his experiences as a teacher trainer in Papua New Guinea.

  • Lure of the Middle East

    JUDE BARBACK talks to one teacher about why he is joining the mass exodus to the United Arab Emirates.

  • Taking ECE to new heights

    First Steps Himalaya allows New Zealand early childhood educators to put their training to a good cause. JUDE BARBACK talks to founding director, Fionna Heiton.

  • Trouble in Tripoli

    DAVID CRAIG talks to Wellington teachers John and Anna Young about their Libyan ordeal.

  • Life (and love) outside of London

    ROSIE BUCHANAN says rural England has a lot to offer New Zealand teachers: great schools, friendly people, beautiful countryside... and perhaps a little romance!

  • Top 10 tips for the teacher heading abroad

    Tips from teachers who have ‘been there done that’ and recruitment agents who have ‘seen it all’.

  • Not your typical OE

    JUDE BARBACK talks to one Kiwi teacher couple who decided to take their OE later in life, only to be bitten by the travelling bug.

  • Kiwis in Oxford

    JUDE BARBACK talks to New Zealander FELICITY LUSK about becoming the first woman to lead a prestigious boys’ school in Oxford.

  • Teach International

    An international teaching issue

June 2010

  • Teach International

    This hugely successful title is an unparalleled source of the most recent global education leads, contributions and guidance to inform educators about their directions for 2011!

  • Culture bonus for Australian teacher

    KATE RUSSELL interviewed Australian teacher Amanda Pethybridge about working on this side of the ditch

  • Humbled by patience

    Tanzania-based ICT training adviser INNES RITCHIE is finding good teaching and learning can still take place even when conditions are less than ideal

March 2010