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    Opinion - hazing: the underbelly of an otherwise excellent education

    My husband attended a prestigious boys’ boarding school in England. I attended a co-ed secondary state school in the Waikato. It is no perhaps no surprise we have fairly different views on “hazing”, the practice whereby older students administer punishments or ritualised initiation challenges for younger students.

April 2017

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    Is it a teacher’s job to teach resilience?

    Research shows teachers are doing a great job with teaching the curriculum but are we ticking all the boxes when it comes to students’ social and emotional learning journeys?

February 2016


    The sector speaks up: the future of New Zealand education

    Education Review’s outstanding ‘Sector Voices’ special e-edition was published at the end of 2015, bringing together the varied and considered opinions of leaders, principals and teachers to reveal the key issues New Zealand education faces going forward. Here is a taste of some of the topics and views that emerged.

October 2014

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    Achieving a work-life-study balance

    DR CHRISTOPHER THEUNISSEN discusses how a supported distance teaching and learning model can help ensure student success in a time poor environment.

May 2014

November 2013

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    Surrender and retain

    The new Education Amendment Act will allow teachers to search and seize student devices in order to hold perpetrators of cyber bullying to account, but student privacy issues prove to be a sticky issue. By JUDE BARBACK.

September 2013

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    From procrastination to productivity

    As a personal performance & development coach working with postgraduate students, Brian Johnston has seen it all. Here, he discusses how procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviours need to be addressed to become a productive postgrad.

July 2013

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    The big wide world – but at what cost?

    Concerns over health and safety, increasing inequality between and within schools, financial pressure on parents, and difficulty with fundraising all create hurdles for the overseas school trip. However, many schools believe these obstacles should not stand in the way of offering their students the chance to experience the world.

January 2013

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    Careers education at a crossroads

    As schools eagerly await the outcome of last year’s CIAGE (Careers Information, Advice, Guidance and Education) review and what changes it might bring, Education Review takes a look at what tools and services are currently paving the way for students.

February 2012

  • Our big bullying problem: are we getting anywhere?

    New research shows that New Zealand’s schools’ anti-bullying policies are not up to scratch. What else can we do? JUDE BARBACK confronts this uncomfortable topic.

  • A valued education

    Whose job is it to instil values in our young people? The family’s? The school’s? The teacher’s? Everyone’s? JUDE BARBACK spins the moral and ethical compass.

June 2010

  • Safety in the city

    An international student safety DVD was launched recently by the Auckland City Council.

March 2010

March 2011

  • What will they do for fun?

    EVA MARIA SALIKHOVA takes a look at the longitudinal study, ***Growing Up in New Zealand.***

  • What pushes your button?

    Workplace stress can hit teachers hard. WAYNE ERB finds out the first thing to do is identify the cause.

  • A stake in the ground

    Creating a workplace culture can drive improvements but has its challenges.

  • How we do things around here

    Workplace culture is a common concept in other sectors, so what about in schools? WAYNE ERB takes a look at two examples at either end of the spectrum.

  • These parents are doing it

    MAUREEN WOODHAMS outlines a world-leading organisation built on the core value of parents laying a lasting foundation for their children’s learning.