Student Achievement


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    Education sector leaders debate latest NZ Initiative research

    Education sector leaders met in Wellington last night to welcome the release of new education research which says student data is ready and waiting to be used by schools to help improve student achievement.

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    Charter schools report reveals "mixed results"

    A recent evaluation report of New Zealand’s eight charter schools showed “mixed results” for student achievement and engagement, with some schools failing to reach their contracted targets in these areas.

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    Ambitious new targets for writing and maths

    The government has set an ambitious new goal of 80 per cent of Year 8 students reaching the national standards in writing and maths by the end of 2021.

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    When did being ‘average’ become inadequate?

    JAMES THOMLINSON, aka 'Mr T', says 'Normal Poppy Syndrome' is affecting kids' progress in and out of the classroom. When did this understanding that you have to be ‘great’ to be ‘great’ become a common culture in New Zealand? he asks.

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    The Herald's report: the trouble with NZ's primary schools

    Thousands of children begin secondary school each year without the reading, writing or maths skills needed to make it through. The Herald's 'The Primary Issue' is the first of a series that looks at what more can be done to raise achievement for all Kiwi kids.

June 2017

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    Bringing NCEA tutorials to the masses

    Education Review talks to DR Deborah Lambie about LearnCOACH, a site she co-founded that is helping thousands of Kiwi students to pass NCEA. deborah lambie *Dr Deborah Lambie*

April 2017

February 2017

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    Are league tables a fair way to compare school effectiveness?

    DR JOHN BOEREBOOM suggests that a school’s effectiveness should be judged on the basis of how much the students learned from the time they entered the school to the time they left rather than simply relying on a traditional ‘snapshot’ measure in the NCEA exams.

October 2016

October 2014

June 2014

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    Crossing the threshold

    With one professor describing it as “the most important and innovative teaching development in the last 20 years” and an increasing number of faculty and students singing its praises, we find out what is the fuss over the ‘Threshold Concept Theory is all about.

May 2014

March 2014

December 2013

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    Venturing into un’charter’ed territory

    The opposition to charter schools intensifies with the announcement of the first five partnership schools in New Zealand. JUDE BARBACK weighs up the arguments as the new schools prepare to open their doors.

November 2013

January 2013

December 2012

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    Must try harder: ERO’s report card

    Education Review Office’s evaluation report on New Zealand schools was a dose of reality to the sector. With an education system suggested to now be less-than-world-class, what is it going to take to raise student achievement to the levels required? JUD

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    Public property: schools’ achievement

    *The decision to make National Standards results public has angered many schools and unions. But will it help lift performance as predicted?*

September 2012

  • League Tables: Learning from experience

    If there was a league table for international education systems, New Zealand would likely rank near the top. Will the introduction of primary school league tables see our ranking plummet?

February 2012

  • Getting the best from National Standards

    Jenny Poskitt advises teachers how to get to grips with Overall Teacher Judgments, to help them get the best out of National Standards for their students.

  • When “the stare” isn’t enough

    VALERIE MARGRAIN discusses the complexities of engaging with challenging behaviour in her new book, Responsive Pedagogy: Engaging Restoratively with Challenging Behaviour.

December 2011

March 2010

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    ‘Step Change' treading on eggshells

    The recent inter-party report on school choice does not go far enough, argues GREG FLEMING

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    The seeds of success

    Education Review looks at a new study that focuses on the characteristics of successful Māori secondary school students

  • Opportunity knocks

    The government’s Youth Opportunities suite of initiatives promises better things for young people. But could it also be the start of a sea change for secondary schooling in this country? JOHN GERRITSEN reports

March 2011

  • NZ Teacher

    In-depth coverage of the big issues in the education sector for teachers, students in their final year of teacher education and education leaders. An invaluable source of information, especially for new teachers and those who mentor them!

  • Analysing tertiary spending - Bucks and bangs ...

    The government applied $4.3 billion in operating expenditure to providers and students in the tertiary sector in 2009. About a quarter of that was spent on supporting students through loans and allowances.

  • In the eye of the beholder

    ROSEMARY CATHCART has been an exponent for Gifted and Talented children for 30 years. She wonders why Māori and Pasifika students are seldom seen on that school roll.

  • A stake in the ground

    Creating a workplace culture can drive improvements but has its challenges.