• Microsoft staff demonstrating robotic hand lesson at Bett Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

    Educating the Fidgetal Generation

    *JUDE BARBACK gets a glimpse at what the classroom of the future will look like at global education technology summit Bett Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.*

  • EDR supplement 2014 cover

    Sector Voices: the biggest challenge facing education

    We asked prominent people from within the sector what they perceived to be the biggest challenge currently facing New Zealand education. Here is what they had to say.

  • tablet desk

    N4L connects 1000th school to Managed Network

    Over 1000 schools have now been connected to Network4Learning’s Managed Network, which means more than 40 per cent of New Zealand schools are now using N4L’s services, which include fast and reliable internet connectivity, uncapped data, web filtering and network security.

August 2017

  • Exiting Ed

    Exiting education: is there a teaching retention and supply crisis on the horizon?

    It’s been reported that just under half of secondary teachers joining the profession leave within five years of beginning their careers. Obviously that’s a worrying rate of attrition, particularly when there are concerns that a significant proportion of an aging workforce is approaching retirement age.

  • Read more

    Read more, hear more, see more

    When finances are limited, as they are in most schools, teachers often rely on technology to copy and share the materials they need to support teaching and learning. But how do you ensure that the person who created the work you’re using gets paid for your use of their work?

February 2017

August 2016

  • Jude Barback

    EDs Letter

    I’m often guilty of compartmentalising. In following news of political unrest over Brexit, the Syrian crisis, climate change, the rise of Donald Trump, the turmoil of our housing and dairy industries, I often fail to connect the dots of what it all means for New Zealand education.

  • Bring your own 02

    Bring your own approach

    As it becomes increasingly necessary for students to have access to a digital device, each school must find a way to provide access that best suits its learners and its community. As JUDE BARBACK discovers, there is no single best approach, but many factors to consider, not least cost and digital equality.

  • wifi at school

    How to get the most out of BYOD? get infrastructure sorted

    New Zealand’s largest school, Rangitoto College demonstrates the importance of having a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure in place before rolling out a BYOD programme so that students can use their devices to maximise learning opportunities in and outside the classroom.

  • Only the beginning

    The building is only the beginning

    JUDE BARBACK visits newly opened Rototuna Junior High School in Hamilton and finds that the school is defined not only by its sleek surfaces and modern layout, but by its innovative approach to teaching and learning within the new environment.

  • Innovative learning

    Innovative learning environments: where’s the evidence?

    MARK OSBORNE suggests that when teacher pedagogy and physical learning environments are aligned there are significant gains to be made in achievement.

  • Slaves to servers

    Slaves to servers or heads in the cloud?

    Education Review looks at why schools should overcome their fears and leap completely into the cloud.

October 2015

August 2015

  • Teacher and students PC

    Notebook ticks boxes for Auckland school

    Papakura Normal School considered a range of options before they settled on the HP Stream 11” notebook as the device of choice for its students. With the devices now an integral part of students’ learning, the school hasn’t looked back.

March 2014

  • POWER-459271955.jpg

    School Power!

    Education Review finds out how a new AoG contract could help lower schools’ energy bills.

December 2013

  • Phillipstown.jpg

    Taking on the Ministry. What happened at Phillipstown School

    GRAY CLEVELAND and TONY SIMPSON give the full story behind their David and Goliath court battle with the Ministry of Education and how unwavering community support kept them going.

  • Uncharted-Territory.jpg

    Venturing into un’charter’ed territory

    The opposition to charter schools intensifies with the announcement of the first five partnership schools in New Zealand. JUDE BARBACK weighs up the arguments as the new schools prepare to open their doors.

  • Acronyms.jpg

    Acronyms of opportunity

    UFB, BYOD, N4L, SNUP – techy acronyms are littering the education world, but each brings exciting new elements of change and innovation to teaching and learning in New Zealand schools.

November 2013

  • 183396896.jpg

    Crying out for Chromebooks?

    With schools well-versed in the tablet vs netbook debate, Google have thrown another option into the mix. Touted as cheap, fast and functional, could Google Chromebooks be just what schools are looking for?

December 2012

February 2012

  • A city turning the tables?

    ROBIN DUFF reflects on how Christchurch schools are coping one year on since Canterbury’s devastating earthquake.