August 2016

  • Jude Barback

    EDs Letter

    I’m often guilty of compartmentalising. In following news of political unrest over Brexit, the Syrian crisis, climate change, the rise of Donald Trump, the turmoil of our housing and dairy industries, I often fail to connect the dots of what it all means for New Zealand education.

  • Only the beginning

    The building is only the beginning

    JUDE BARBACK visits newly opened Rototuna Junior High School in Hamilton and finds that the school is defined not only by its sleek surfaces and modern layout, but by its innovative approach to teaching and learning within the new environment.

  • Innovative learning

    Innovative learning environments: where’s the evidence?

    MARK OSBORNE suggests that when teacher pedagogy and physical learning environments are aligned there are significant gains to be made in achievement.

  • Slaves to servers

    Slaves to servers or heads in the cloud?

    Education Review looks at why schools should overcome their fears and leap completely into the cloud.

June 2016

  • Learning management system

    8 tips for selecting a Learning Management System

    Education Review trawls through all the advice to find the top tips for selecting a learning management system for your school or tertiary institution.

  • Dr Kevin Morris

    See ya CECIL Kia ora Canvas

    Dr Kevin Morris JUDE BARBACK talks to Dr Kevin Morris about the University of Auckland’s transition to a new cloud-based learning management system.

June 2014

May 2014

March 2014

  • POWER-459271955.jpg

    School Power!

    Education Review finds out how a new AoG contract could help lower schools’ energy bills.

November 2013

  • 175781562.jpg

    Increasing number of schools take up AoG contracts

    Last year, Education Review looked at the fledgling AoG contracts for schools and noted the lack of buy-in. One year on, the tide appears to be changing, with more and more schools opting for AoG contracts. JUDE BARBACK looks at the ongoing work of the MBIE to increase schools’ awareness and dispel common misconceptions about the contracts.


    Modern Learning Environments and learning technologies

    CLAIRE AMOS questions whether ‘modern’ changes to the traditional classroom will really help improve students’ learning and outcomes.

  • 134221450.jpg

    The perils of working with incorporated societies: a cautionary tale

    Murrays Bay Intermediate principal COLIN DALE discusses the challenges that emerged when an incorporated society, designed to run a music school attached to the school, viewed its role beyond what was intended. With the matter reaching High Court, Dale’s compelling account reveals an aspect of school management that other schools should heed with caution.

  • T7922.jpg

    PPP: behind the scenes

    Education Review asks Jason Wozniak of Aurecon about the decisions made and lessons learned from designing, building, and furnishing New Zealand’s first Public Private Partnership (PPP) schools at Hobsonville Point.

  • 160910389.jpg

    The Network is nigh

    JUDE BARBACK looks at why schools are in a rush to register their interest for the Network 4 Learning and what’s happening behind the scenes.

December 2012

  • NZ flag

    The Christchurch conundrum

    Mixed reactions emerge as Christchurch communities take part in consultation about the proposed education renewal plan.

  • Bulk buying: the pros and cons of Government procurement reforms

    The introduction of all-of-Government contracts have been a significant part of the Government Procurement Reform Programme, aimed at improving procurement and achieving greater cost efficiencies. Yet, despite the savings, most schools opt out. Why?

March 2011

  • Cleaning green

    Schools are getting low marks for environmental awareness in their daily maintenance.