Professional Development

  • EDR supplement 2014 cover

    Sector Voices: the biggest challenge facing education

    We asked prominent people from within the sector what they perceived to be the biggest challenge currently facing New Zealand education. Here is what they had to say.

  • Murray Sherwin

    A different kind of education revolution

    The Innovation Partnership wants to see training for teachers on how to teach in modern classrooms and appropriate teaching methods to go alongside investment in digital technologies because devices alone can’t achieve better educational outcomes. MURRAY SHERWIN argues the case.

August 2017

  • Future learning

    What does the future of learning look like?

    Author of The Future of Learning, MARK TREADWELL, says we need to embrace learning systems that have proven over thousands of years to be far more equitable and successful than rote learning has proven to be over the past 200 years.

  • Disobedient teaching

    Behind Disobedient Teaching

    DR WELBY INGS provides an insight into his inspiration for writing what has become the most popular book in education circles at the moment, Disobedient Teaching.

  • Assess repeat

    Assess, report, teach, repeat… boring

    When teacher CHRIS MAY recognised the same disengagement in his students as he once exhibited as a student, he was inspired to set up an initiative that strove to make learning more practical, contextualised and relevant to their lives, both in and out of school.

June 2017

  • welby ings

    Disobedient teaching: a review

    JUDE BARBACK believes it is the rich, personal experience interwoven with big-picture thinking that sets Disobedient Teaching: Surviving and creating change in education by Welby Ings apart from other books of its ilk.

April 2017

February 2017

October 2016

  • Stanley

    Researching teaching: the importance of Sotl

    The new director of Ako Aotearoa DR STANLEY FRIELICK discusses the evolution of research around the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) and its importance to tertiary education.

April 2016

  • Jude Barback

    Ed's Letter - Exciting and inclusive PD

    I recently attended a professional development day at my children’s school. The invitation was extended to parents and the board of trustees to join staff for a day of discussing and redefining the school’s vision, led by Core Education’s Jo Wilson.

  • PD for tertiary

    PD for tertiary teachers: yes please!

    Professional development for tertiary educators is vital. In the absence of formal training, the opportunity to collaborate with others to share best practice and learn new skills and strategies is essential. Education Review talks to Cath Fraser about her Problem-Based Learning workshop, aimed at tertiary educators.

  • walking the talk

    Enacting school vision – are we walking the talk?

    Core Education’s JO WILSON describes the steps schools and communities can take in order to achieve their preferable future.

  • Alone

    What if we didn't do it alone?

    #edchatNZ founder DANIELLE MYBURGH extends an invitation to join the new #edchatNZ MOOC (massive open online course) – a professional development opportunity with a difference for New Zealand educators.

  • positive education

    A positive education for all?

    Within the past decade, a quiet groundswell of interest has contributed to a gradual shift in the way that educators see the world. GABRIELLE MILLS reports on a professional learning experience focused on positive education.

  • blended learning

    Engaging learners in a blended learning environment

    JILL TANNER-LLOYD, Ako Aotearoa’s communication manager, joined participants at the first delivery of the organisation’s newest professional development workshop to find out what teaching strategies are needed to maximise learner engagement and success when using blended learning.

February 2016

  • Learning visible

    Making learning visible: putting Hattie into practice

    Professor John Hattie’s meta-analyses have helped to unveil effective teaching and learning practices. Here, LYNDA SHANKS shares how this research is being made accessible to schools and teachers through the popular Visible Learningplus programme.

  • Ten Trends

    Ten years of Ten Trends

    As CORE Education’s influential Ten Trends initiative enters its 10th year, KAREN SPENCER looks back on the origins of the trends and what’s in store for 2016.

October 2015

June 2014

  • criminalclassroom2.gif

    Criminals in the classroom

    Are teacher education providers selecting the right people?

  • Student-voice.gif

    Putting student voice to good use

    Selected from 19 schools, Clevedon School, Marist Catholic School (Herne Bay), Gladstone Primary School (Mt Albert) and Rhode Street School (Hamilton) are the first to participate in Cognition Education Trust’s inaugural Student Voice Impact on Teacher Decision Making project.

May 2014

March 2014

December 2013

November 2013

September 2013

  • map-ipad.jpg

    Welcome to the Worldwide Classroom

    DENNIS VIEHLAND discusses the possible threats and opportunities MOOCs pose for the traditional tertiary institution.

  • Dr-Inger-Mewburn.jpg

    Secrets from the Thesis Whisperer

    DR INGER MEWBURN, better known as the Thesis Whisperer, shares three common mistakes made by fledgling postgrads, and how to avoid them.

  • Aitana-Forcen-Vazquez.jpg

    “Yes, I want to be an academic social media superstar!”

    Thesis Whisperer, Dr Inger Mewburn recently visited Victoria University of Wellington to discuss the merits of incorporating social media into academic research. Education Review invited two research students to share their reflections on the workshop.

  • Achieving.jpg

    Achieving thesis perfection

    PROFESSOR ALISON JONES gives her 12 top tips for postgraduate writing success.

  • Path-from-procrastination.jpg

    From procrastination to productivity

    As a personal performance & development coach working with postgraduate students, Brian Johnston has seen it all. Here, he discusses how procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviours need to be addressed to become a productive postgrad.

January 2013

October 2012

February 2012

  • Getting the best from National Standards

    Jenny Poskitt advises teachers how to get to grips with Overall Teacher Judgments, to help them get the best out of National Standards for their students.

  • The many faces of teaching

    Education Review peeks through the doors of New Zealand classrooms to discover the many different pathways to becoming a teacher.

  • When “the stare” isn’t enough

    VALERIE MARGRAIN discusses the complexities of engaging with challenging behaviour in her new book, Responsive Pedagogy: Engaging Restoratively with Challenging Behaviour.

  • Teachers of Promise

    MARIE CAMERON and SUSAN LOVETT discuss the early findings of their research, the Teachers of Promise study: Teachers in their ninth year of teaching.

December 2011

March 2010

  • Educations' beginners

    STUART MIDDLETON considers parallels between the experiences of new teachers and new entrants

  • Learning the lessons

    MARIE CAMERON reflects on the lessons for schools, from research into beginning teachers

  • Managing the excitement

    The thrill of starting a teaching career is a real asset for new teachers, but one that needs to be managed carefully, suggest school support advisers