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  • faces-of-teacher2.gif

    Faces of teacher education

    Education Review asks VIVIENNE MACKISACK and TE MANAAROHA ROLLO how they found themselves in teacher education, and the joys and frustrations of working in this sector.

  • apple paper

    Open education: possible future or utopian idea?

    JUDE BARBACK considers the debates around open access and open educational resources.

  • born-to-teach.gif

    Born to teach

    Metlifecare Senior New Zealander of the Year FRANCES DENZ has won awards for tertiary teaching excellence, yet she has never had any formal teacher education. Here, she shares why she believes great teachers can be born and not always made.

  • Teacher and students PC

    Improving governance or Government power grab?

    The Government’s plans to reform university and wānanga governance councils to create smaller, skills-based councils have been opposed by many in the sector.

  • door-to-tertiary.gif

    The door to tertiary education – open to whom?

    The new reports on tertiary education enrolments and earnings need to be considered in the context of the high costs associated with being a student.

  • One-big-happy-family1.gif

    One big happy family: uni, polys and wānanga collaborate

    Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and the University of Waikato have been working together for more than a decade to increase tertiary education opportunities in the Western Bay of Plenty.

May 2014

  • Dawn-Garbett.jpg

    New publications showcase excellence in tertiary teaching

    JILL TANNER-LLOYD and DR PETER COOLBEAR introduce the new teaching excellence publications developed by Ako Aotearoa’s Academy of Tertiary Teaching Excellence. They explain how the two-volume set captures the essence of New Zealand’s top tertiary teachers and their practice, and how these publications can support reflective practice for others wanting to add further value for their learners.

November 2013

  • 164469574.jpg

    Privacy in the cloud

    ‘Cloud’ computing is rapidly becoming more than just another buzzword in our digital lives. The expected paradigm shift has implications for schools that are not yet fully understood, and with data integrity on everyone’s mind these days, Education Review, looks at exactly where the buck stops.

September 2013

July 2013

  • 145240047.jpg

    Taking Kiwi culture to the world

    Education Review talks to Karl Rangikawhiti Leonard and  Scott Wilson, two New Zealand Fulbright Scholars currently in the United States teaching about their cultural passions of Maori art and New Zealand cinema respectively.

January 2013

  • lecture theatre women

    Careers education at a crossroads

    As schools eagerly await the outcome of last year’s CIAGE (Careers Information, Advice, Guidance and Education) review and what changes it might bring, Education Review takes a look at what tools and services are currently paving the way for students.

  • homework teen girl

    NCEA vs other systems: the downside of picking sides

    The 10th anniversary of NCEA reveals there is still division in the ranks, with many elite schools offering alternative options for students.

December 2012

  • lecture theatre women

    Town & Gown

    COLIN BASS looks at the important relationship between industry and higher education and the example being set by AUT.

  • blackboard money tree

    Failure to launch: postgraduate initial teacher education

    The Ministry of Education’s welcome u-turn in June on its policies concerning class sizes and teacher cuts had a knock-on effect for the proposal to move initial teacher education to postgraduate-level. Now confusion reigns among providers and prospecti

October 2012

  • Multi-pronged boost for R&D

    The new Advanced Technology Institute. The hefty 2012 Technology Development Grant. The 70 postgraduate internships. The business incubator grants to young technology companies. All government initiatives launched in an effort to boost R&D in New Zealand.

  • Outrage over student allowance changes

    The Government’s intention to remove eligibility for student allowances for postgraduate students has sparked an uproar among postgraduate students across New Zealand.

  • A glimpse into the world of research

    Education Review looks at research in its many guises.

  • Sir Paul's great legacy

    The late Sir Paul Callaghan was a world class scientist, great leader, and strong advocate for a more prosperous New Zealand. Education Review looks at the life and times of this great man and how his legacy continues.

  • Saving our billion-dollar kiwifruit industry

    The effects of the Psa virus have crippled New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry, but research efforts are aiding its recovery and providing glimmers of hope for the future of kiwifruit. JUDE BARBACK reports.

  • PostGrad profiles

    Education Review finds out what postgraduate students from universities, polytechnics, wananga, and private training establishments from all around New Zealand are up to.

  • teen guy grass

    Supporting New Zealand's dairy future

    JUDE BARBACK takes a look at some of the key teaching and research institutions propping up New Zealand’s evolving and prolific dairy industry.

  • lecture theatre women

    Celebrating our best tertiary teachers

    PETER COOLBEAR reflects on this year’s national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards – exploring how these exemplars of great teaching and learning can enhance the tertiary teaching profession in Aotearoa New Zealand.

September 2012

  • Global reach of tertiary schools of education

    Education Review looks at the different ways schools of education at various tertiary institutions are utilising their links with educators and institutions from other countries.

  • PTEs and the Watchdog

    Private training establishments catering for international students have rarely strayed from the media spotlight in recent years as concerns over corrupt and ill-equipped institutions continue to grow.

  • Pathway of the poor

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Australian expert, Dr John Polesel, about the need for quality, structured, and well-resourced vocational education and training programmes at secondary schools.

February 2012

  • Codes of practice

    PETER COOLBEAR analyses the implications of codes of practice for domestic tertiary students.

December 2011

  • Next on the agenda for ESOL

    MARTY PILOTT outlines the tentative plans for the allocation of the delivery of ESOL to the 700 new places announced in the 2011 budget.

  • Global Plus

    Education Review talks to a school, a university, an ITP and a PTE about the benefits international students bring to their institution.

  • Tightening the rules

    Education Review considers the recent immigration changes aimed at strengthening export education.

June 2010

  • Fact factory is not science

    Studying science at a tertiary level should enhance learners’ abilities to think, act and engage with science as a scientist

  • Safety in the city

    An international student safety DVD was launched recently by the Auckland City Council.

  • Australian enrolments plummet

    Media reports are tracking the impact of tightened immigration rules on international enrolments

  • Pilot project measures student engagement

    Ako Aotearoa’s PETER COOLBEAR, and HAMISH COATES of the Australian Council for Educational Research are adapting a student engagement survey tool for the tertiary sector

March 2010

  • Opportunity knocks

    The government’s Youth Opportunities suite of initiatives promises better things for young people. But could it also be the start of a sea change for secondary schooling in this country? JOHN GERRITSEN reports

March 2011

  • Analysing tertiary spending - Bucks and bangs ...

    The government applied $4.3 billion in operating expenditure to providers and students in the tertiary sector in 2009. About a quarter of that was spent on supporting students through loans and allowances.

  • Who’s who?

    Associations, unions and more – here’s a brief guide to the education sector.

  • Shooting stars

    Bang goes your career? Some things you might want to know about winning a national teaching award.