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September 2017

June 2017

August 2016

  • Closing the rich poor

    Closing the rich-poor divide in literacy

    Massey University’s PROFESSOR TOM NICHOLSON says we need to redesign the literacy that is taught in our schools so that it works for those in lower socio-economic communities. 

  • Partnership model

    Partnership model a huge success

    A partnership between a teacher education provider and 21 local primary schools proves that effective leadership and mutual co-operation are the keys to success. By KIRSTY JONES, Eastern Institute of Technology.

June 2016

  • Jude Barback

    Ed's Letter - The time is right

    Jude Barback Not long ago, I received a phone call from a researcher in the UK whose study focus was teacher workforce supply trends across the world. She was interested in why some countries are facing a shortage of teachers while others are faced with a situation where many applicants are after the same jobs. A quick check through the back issues of Education Review revealed that teacher workforce supply has been a problem for a while now in New Zealand.

  • long and winding road

    The long and winding road to postgrad teacher education

    Many teacher education providers are pushing for a master’s level qualification to become the minimum requirement to become a teacher, while others think this approach will deter aspiring teachers. With the initial teacher education (ITE) postgraduate pilot now in its third year, the Ministry of Education is getting closer to making a decision on the future shape of ITE. Which way will it go and what impact will it have? asks JUDE BARBACK.

  • Prudence Wilson 02

    Meet the teachers of Aotearoa

    New Zealand’s teaching workforce comprises many different people – provisionally registered teachers, those who have come to teaching in a roundabout way, those who are opting for some teaching experience abroad, and those who are putting their teaching qualifications to innovative use. Here, we meet some of New Zealand’s newest and aspiring educators.

  • Best and brightest

    Turning the ‘best and brightest’ into teachers

    Education Review asks Teach First NZ’s chief executive SHAUN SUTTON about the origins of Teach First NZ, its influence on New Zealand’s models of initial teacher education, the recent controversy around teacher recruitment processes and the impact it is having on students at low decile schools.

  • Mat time

    Is ‘mat time’ a waste of time?

    ANITA MORTLOCK shares her research about the common practice of ‘mat time’ in New Zealand schools.

  • Work of Teacher Education

    Work of Teacher Education insights

    DR ALEXANDRA GUNN discusses her recent TLRI study that scrutinises how initial teacher education is produced, maintained and practised in New Zealand and compares it with similar research carried out overseas. 

February 2016

October 2015

  • mind lab

    Emerging from The Mind Lab

    Kristin School teacher, NATHAN CALVERT was among the first 130 teachers to undertake The Mind Lab by Unitec’s Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning). He was named as the winner of the NEXT Foundation Expert Teacher Award. Here, Education Review asks him about the award, the course and the future.

June 2015

June 2014

March 2014

December 2013

  • Teachers-Council.jpg

    Sun sets on Teachers Council

    With the new Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand set to replace the New Zealand Teachers Council next year, teachers are anxious that their new independent statutory professional body truly is independent. JUDE BARBACK looks at how things are evolving.

  • Teacher-Supply-demand.jpg

    The teacher supply and demand see-saw

    JUDE BARBACK reviews the tricky business of managing teacher supply and demand.

July 2013

  • 166417084.jpg

    Politics, the world and teacher education

    Are the international and political contexts of education being adequately addressed in New Zealand teacher education programmes? JUDE BARBACK looks at what measures several schools of education are taking to ensure an outward-facing approach.

January 2013

December 2012

October 2012

September 2012

  • From Dannevirke to dangerous minds

    Education Review talks to Kiwi teacher CAMERON ANDREW about combining teaching with travel and his eye-opening experiences teaching difficult kids in London.

February 2012

  • The many faces of teaching

    Education Review peeks through the doors of New Zealand classrooms to discover the many different pathways to becoming a teacher.

  • New teachers, listen up

    An education lecturer, a researcher and a teacher who has recently completed her first year of teaching all give their tips on what new teachers should be prepared for in 2012.

  • Teachers of Promise

    MARIE CAMERON and SUSAN LOVETT discuss the early findings of their research, the Teachers of Promise study: Teachers in their ninth year of teaching.

  • Mentoring new teachers: putting the new guidelines into action

    The Teachers Council reports good feedback from the newly implemented Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers and looks to the next steps.

March 2010

  • Educations' beginners

    STUART MIDDLETON considers parallels between the experiences of new teachers and new entrants

  • Learning the lessons

    MARIE CAMERON reflects on the lessons for schools, from research into beginning teachers

  • Managing the excitement

    The thrill of starting a teaching career is a real asset for new teachers, but one that needs to be managed carefully, suggest school support advisers

  • The overseas-trained teacher

    We talk to an overseas-trained teacher about the adjustment to life in a New Zealand classroom

  • A better start

    Moves are afoot to ensure new teachers are well supported in their first two years in the profession

March 2011

  • What kind of teacher are you?

    How can prospective teachers choose which branch of the profession to enter?

  • Shooting stars

    Bang goes your career? Some things you might want to know about winning a national teaching award.

  • A spade is now a spade

    GEOFF VAUSE reports on expectations now placed on providers of teacher education.