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June 2017

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    Policy: Changes to initial teacher education

    In the lead up to this year’s Budget, Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced a number of changes affecting initial teacher education (ITE) that are aimed to improve the supply and quality of teachers.

June 2016

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    Meet the teachers of Aotearoa

    New Zealand’s teaching workforce comprises many different people – provisionally registered teachers, those who have come to teaching in a roundabout way, those who are opting for some teaching experience abroad, and those who are putting their teaching qualifications to innovative use. Here, we meet some of New Zealand’s newest and aspiring educators.

  • Best and brightest

    Turning the ‘best and brightest’ into teachers

    Education Review asks Teach First NZ’s chief executive SHAUN SUTTON about the origins of Teach First NZ, its influence on New Zealand’s models of initial teacher education, the recent controversy around teacher recruitment processes and the impact it is having on students at low decile schools.

June 2014

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    Criminals in the classroom

    Are teacher education providers selecting the right people?

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    One year on: Tracking down our teacher students

    Last year Education Review profiled teacher students ANNIE RILEY and KELSIE DAVIE-MORLAND about their path to becoming teachers. One year on, we catch up with them to find out how they’re getting on.

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    Faces of teacher education

    Education Review asks VIVIENNE MACKISACK and TE MANAAROHA ROLLO how they found themselves in teacher education, and the joys and frustrations of working in this sector.

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    Teach First NZ – one teacher’s reflection

    The Teach First NZ programme aims to tackle educational inequality by developing top graduates into educators who go on to teach in low decile schools. Teach First NZ teacher YOLANDE THOM reflects on her first year at a low decile Auckland secondary school.

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    Finding the best path to school-based teacher education

    Teacher education providers are increasing their collaboration with schools in different ways, but all reporting success. While clearly the way to go, resourcing remains a concern and Education Review questions whether there is room for a more unified approach among providers.

  • born-to-teach.gif

    Born to teach

    Metlifecare Senior New Zealander of the Year FRANCES DENZ has won awards for tertiary teaching excellence, yet she has never had any formal teacher education. Here, she shares why she believes great teachers can be born and not always made.

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    Turning his back on the law

    JUDE BARBACK talks to Derek Dallow about what inspired him to train as a teacher after over 30 years as a corporate lawyer.

December 2013

July 2013

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    Politics, the world and teacher education

    Are the international and political contexts of education being adequately addressed in New Zealand teacher education programmes? JUDE BARBACK looks at what measures several schools of education are taking to ensure an outward-facing approach.

January 2013

October 2012

  • From a distance

    NZEI Study Award recipient BARBARA NELSON is completing a postgraduate diploma in educational administration and leadership via distance study. Education Review talks to the Massey student about the benefits and boundaries of distance learning.

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    The Australian experience

    DIANE MAYER looks at the challenges with teacher education programmes in Australia.

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    Is the move to postgrad ITE any more than just a money grab?

    Teachers Council director, PETER LIND says we need to consider the international research first.

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    ITE issues sure to spark debate

    As the sector gears up for a major teacher education conference next month, experts give their opinions on some of the key issues facing initial teacher education in New Zealand. JOHN O’NELL says there are four key issues that constitute a major crisis

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    Qualifications necessary in ECE

    A letter published in the New Zealand Herald some time ago conveyed the author’s sentiments effectively.

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    What it means to be an ECE student

    NICOLA DUNHAM considers all angles in her research concerning the academic identity of field-based early childhood initial teacher education students.

September 2012

February 2012

  • The many faces of teaching

    Education Review peeks through the doors of New Zealand classrooms to discover the many different pathways to becoming a teacher.

  • New teachers, listen up

    An education lecturer, a researcher and a teacher who has recently completed her first year of teaching all give their tips on what new teachers should be prepared for in 2012.

March 2010

March 2011